Poster Session 1
28 September 2023, Thursday - 12:45
: Can Taneli, Bilge Türedi Sezer
ID Title Presenter
PP-01 Urethral Advancement According to KOFF in the Distal Hypospades. Abdelghani Sebie
PP-02 GTIP Urethroplasty for Hypospadias Repair: Evaluation of Results with Objective Scoring Systems Saidanvar Agzamkhodjaev
PP-03 Disassembled Urethroplasty With Urethral Advancement Technique for Distal and Midshaft Hypospadias Repair Zafar Abdullaev
PP-04 GUD Technique in Hypospadias Redos: an Value Alternative to Distal Fistulas and Glans Deiscense Taiane Rocha Campelo

A Noval Dorsal Meatoplasty Method For Resistant Meatal Stenosis After Distal Hypospadias Surgery

Fulya Beceren
PP-06 Y-V Versus MAGPI in Repair of Distal Hypospadias Basma Waseem
PP-07 Comparative Study Between Tubularized Incised Plate Urethroplasty (TIP) & Onlay Penopreputial Flap Urethroplasty (Mansoura Modification of Unilateral Koyanagi Technique) in Management of Hypospadias Cases Without Chordee Sherif Medhat
PP-09 Evaluation of Factors Affecting Meatal and Urethral Diameter Post TIP: A Randomized Controlled Trial Mohamed Elsherbiny



Poster Session 2
28 September 2023, Thursday - 12:45
 Mustafa Melikoğlu, Ahsen Karagözlü Akgül
ID Title Author
PP-10 Engineering a Highly Elastic Scaffold for Urethral Application Renea Sturm, MD Faap
PP-11 Cryocalcium Glue in Hypospadias Surgery Mehrdad Hosseinpour
PP-12 Pre-operative Testosterone Injection Before 2-Stage Repair of Severe Hypospadias Improves Penile Biometry and Reduces Glans Dehiscence Khyati Kiran Janapareddy
PP-13 Method of Fixation of the Glans Penis During Surgical Operations for Hypospadias in Children Alisher Sultanov
PP-15 Impact of Catheter Type on Early and Late Complications in Patients with Distal Hypospadias Bade Toker Kurtmen
PP-16 Postoperative Pain Management for Hypospadias: Still a Dilemma Darshana Rathod
PP-18 Adult Gender Dysphoria of a Case of Operated Severe Hypospadias Ayşegül Akbulut



Poster Session 3
29 September 2023, Friday - 12:45
Selami Sözübir, Tariq Abbas
ID Title Author
PP-19 Wider Angle of Dangle in Proximal Hypospadias: A Neglected Feature of the Anomaly that Compromises the Outcome Yusuf Atakan Baltırak
PP-20 Correction Of Curvature In Single Stage Hypospadias Repair With Foreskin Reconstruction Hazem Mosa
PP-21 Hypospadias Stage I Repair: To Quilt or not to Quilt? Zehra Kazmi
PP-22 Two-stage Repair of Proximal Hypospadias Using Free Preputial Graft - Lessons Learnt Jan Trachta
PP-23 Urethral Diverticulum Complicating Hypospadias Surgery Hasan Deliaga
PP-24 Evaluation of Midline Incisional Heineke-Mikulicz Type Penile Plication in Hypospadias Patients Hasan Deliaga
PP-25 Use of Inlay Grafts in Hypospadias Reoperations Presenting with Mid and Distal Urethral Strictures. Taiane Rocha Campelo

Evaluation of the Early Period Results of Three Different Techniques of Excision the Urethral Plate in the Repaır of Severe Proximal Hypospadias

Gokhan Demirtas
PP-27 A Survey Study on the Cosmetic Outcome of Penoscrotal Transposition Derya Canarslan



Poster Session 4
29 September 2023, Friday - 12:45
Chairs: Mircia Ardalean, Yaşar Issı
ID Title Author

A New Urethral Defect Based Hypospadıas Classification System

Tariq Abbas
PP-30 Our Experience in Chordee without Hypospadias Suleyman Tagci
PP-31 Spongioplasty as a Second Layer Over Urethroplasty in Distal and Midpenile Hypospadias Patients Hasan Deliaga
PP-32 Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Treatment of Postoperative Glans Ischemia After Hypospadias Surgery Mehmet Ugur Yılmaz
PP-33 Glans Ischemia After Circumcision and Dorsal Penile Nerve Block. Clinical Case. Filipp Turov

Outcomes of Isolated Male Epispadias

Mircia-Aurel Ardelean

A Rare Case of Duplication Urethra. Clinical Observation.

Artem Vrublevskiy